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Catalonia's first post capitalistic/feminist restaurant

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Our first week only inspired us to continue our journey in providing our beloved community of Sant Iscle de Vallalta an ethical restaurant.

Ocell Negre is Catalunya's first ethical, post-capitalist /feminist restaurant. A mouth full description for a fairly simple concept where our business model acknowledges and factors in the social, cultural and the environmental impact we have in our community.

How we do this.

1. We hire people in our community that are at risk of social exclusion.

2. We offer a platform for local artists to share their work and earn money.

3. We work with local farmers and businesses that share in our values and donate 10% of all of our earnings to A local NGO that creates land trusts to conserve the amazing biodiversity that surrounds Sant Iscle de Vallalta.

At the moment we are working to employ women in our community that are at risk of social exclusion because the majority of family and household responsibilities aren't shared equally. These women are particularly vulnerable as they are completely financially dependent on another person. This affects their autonomy, future pension and security.

There is also a migratory crisis happening all over the world. We understand that this crisis has been politicised in the worst possible way. These migrants are now part of our community and without employment they run the risk of delinquency. Mass migration will continue as war, climate change and economic instability continues to affect vulnerable countries around the world, we can choose to ignore those fleeing instability or we can address it in a way that incorporates these people into our community.

We are working at employing some of the 65 undocumented youth living in our community. These youths will have to adhere to our values in order to be employed and we will help with acculturation by providing steady, supportive work in an environment that advocates for social justice for all regardless of country of origin, sexual identity or gender.

We have so many plans, stay tuned to find out how we navigate this idealistic adventure to improve the world around us.

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